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Sinus Lifting 1169 | 27.01.2016

Between skull bones, air pockets named the sinuses are located .

When the teeth are lost on rear of the upper jaw,  the sinus  located above this  region expands because of air pressure and  causes the bone under that region become thinner. A certain amount of bone volume is needed in order to implement implants to replace lost teeth. The process to increase the amount of the bone by descending the base of sinus membrane is called sinus lifting.   



Is sinus Lift Operation is harmful?

Sinus lifting operations do not cause any harm when performed by an expert  and experienced physician . If your doctor concludes that you are not suitable for operation as a result of examination will notify you and will discuss alternative treatment options.



What are the steps of  Sinus Lift Surgery

  • Operation area is numbed locally.
  • A window opens to the side of gum with the appropriate instruments selected for sinus lifting operations.
  • Sinus membrane is gently raised.
  • Bone graft is placed between the bottom and membrane and then operation region is closed with sutures.





Carefully  reached to sinus


Sinus membrane is lifted without damaging

Leading to the formation of bone graft material positioned under the membrane carefully

After healing ; bone formation occurs

Implant are placed in the formed bone

Pieces called abutments are placed on  the implant which will  hold the crown  

Crowns are prepared and placed on the abutments

After treatment, the patient gets completely healthy dentures