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Space Maintainers 1242 | 16.05.2016

Milk teeth guides  the permanent teeth, which will erupted in the future. If milk teeth are lost prematurely due to decay or trauma , the adjacent teeth can move to  extraction zone and  lead to crowding of teeth.


What is the task of the Space Maintainers?

They prevent the adjacent teeth?s movement to extraction zone , and impaction of the permanent teeth. Thus they prevent the possible orthodontic treatment.The space created by tooth must be protected by space maintainer until the permanent teeth erupts. Space maintainers are prepared with great care by dental technicians, are designed in accordance with children's teeth and the jaw structure .


Features of the Space Maintainers

Fixed Space Maintainers

  • In practice, a single session is enough.
  • Do not cause periodontal problems.
  • Do not cause metal allergy.

Removable Space Maintainers

  • Applicable in the loss of multiple teeth.
  • They have the capability of complete the missing teeth and occlusal function.