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Gingival Aesthetics 1206 | 27.01.2016

An aesthetic smile in people cannot  be provided with only white and regular teeth. Gums should also be compatible with teeth. The aesthetic studies of the gums are called gingival aesthetics. The elements that complete the dental aesthetics are ; health , color and the level of gums.

The teeth, gum , jaw and the lips should be in a harmony to have a nice smile.

Different operation methods are available on the presence of problems with gum aesthetics. The gum should be healthy for the gingival aesthetic operations. 


What are the methods of gingival aesthetic operations?


Where appropriate, affected tissues removed, membranes, proteins stimulating tissue or bone graft used and provided support for the creation of new structures.


This method is the removal of the gums when patients have gum growth and deep pockets around the teeth. Then  gingival contour is corrected as necessary and gum is formed to a physiological shape  to have an aesthetic  view.


With this operation, the gingiva which is seen more or asymmetric  gum level is corrected. The necessary amendments are made without  pain by aid of the local anesthesia is applied. If necessary, full porcelain, porcelain laminate or zirconium supported porcelains are  applied to  ensure a more aesthetic appearance.

Crown lengthening:

If more tissue loss  in tooth , in case of dental caries extends below the gum; more gum tissue and bone are removed and reshaped. Thus, a longer view  to the teeth will be given.