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Bonding 982 | 26.01.2016

Bonding is additions to the teeth to change the shape and the color of the tooth, in order to enlarge or to treat a defect. The materials used for this purpose (microfilament agents), attached to the outer surface of the natural tooth to eliminate shape and color defects .

Bonding is one of today's most implemented preventive dentistry procedure. In most cases, this is accomplished with the least amount of tooth tissue loss.

Will color change  over time at teeth which dental adhesive systems applied ?

Microfil agents, were obtained with the most advanced technique and has almost the same features with normal teeth, but they change color as natural teeth.  When surface roughness is minimized by polishing , increases the resistance to staining. Potential staining  caused by external factors (tobacco, tea, cola, coffee etc.) can be removed at routine dental examination.


Does the teeth which this system is applied , require special care?

There are some limitations in this regard. Very hard objects (ice, sugar) should not be beaten. You should also stay away from negative habits such as nail biting.


What is the life of an adhesive system?

This time depends on quality of the material used and the ability of the the dentist. Life of the materials produced by the latest technology is 5 to 10 years. A bonding process can be done again to a tooth that bonding (adhesive systems) are applied.