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Composite Fillings 1760 | 26.01.2016

Having a perfect smile is everyone's right. This also causes the increase of methods and materials used by a dentist. Now, dentist visits are scheduled not only because of decays on the tooth, in order to have a good laugh. With the usage of new methods and materials in the dentistry, aesthetic fillings get popular both  in front teeth and the back teeth. 



What is an aesthetic filling?

Dental fillings are which are done for aesthetic are used  in order to achieve a brighter and more sparkling look. Today aesthetic filling applications, can be performed easily both on the front and back teeth. These materials? color is similar to original  teeth , so by using composite fillings satisfactory results are obtained.



When Aesthetic fillings are applied ?

  • For the repair of broken and decayed teeth
  • To treat permanent discoloration of the teeth
  • To close the gaps between the teeth
  • To extend the length of the teeth
  • To make the necessary changes on the teeth and make a person's smile design.