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Removable Dentures 1624 | 26.01.2016

Removable dentures are dentures that can be removed and cleaned when requested by the patient. Removable dentures are generally used when several teeth or all teeth are  missing. Normally you should have to wait a few weeks after a tooth extraction. However, in some cases, it is necessary to fill the space immediately after the tooth extraction. The denture is made like this is  temporary and should be replaced within 6 months.


What are Removable Dentures ?

Removable dentures are made in order to compensate the loss of teeth when fixed dentures are inappropriate. Unlike fixed dentures they are removable . They are made of special plastic or metal plastic combination.


Why Removable Denture are made ?

They are  made to ensure aesthetics and function. Patients have too many missing teeth in cases requiring removable dentures.Dentures should be made fulfillment of chewing function  and to prevent the other remaining teeth from damage.

There are two types of removable dentures:

  • Dentures made when patient has  partial teeth loss.
  • Cases in which all teeth are loss.


Total dentures are made in cases which all teeth are lost. Total dentures support from completely tissue and are made of pink plastic  that hold the artificial teeth on them.. Such dentures can supported by implant to improve chewing efficiency.  In the upper jaw dentures can be used  without problems but in the lower jaw the connection tissue of tongue effects the usage of total dentures. Dental implants as an alternative treatment in the lower jaw may be used with success.