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Frenotomy - Frenectomy 1413 | 26.01.2016

Frenotomy, means the correction of long or large frenulum. Frenectomy is the excision of frenulum.

Frenulums are located under the tongue at  lip and gum combination. When these frenulums are higher than they should be ,  they cause gum diseases.

Sometimes removable dentures can not stay in their places because of frenulums. To avoid such troubles incision is made on the frenulum.


Surgical Approaches

The most important factor in determining the treatment is the degree of the periodontal disease caused by frenulum.


The aim of Frenotomy-Frenectomy:

  • To create a natural and uniform gum around the teeth.
  • To facilitate orthodontic treatment
  • To facilitate tooth brushing
  • To support operations caused by periodontal diseases.