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Dental Implants 1777 | 27.01.2016

Dental Implants are artificial teeth , made of titanium and produced by using special techniques. Implants are used instead of extracted teeth. . During the production  of dental implants, high technologies are used.


Dental implants prevents bone loss. What does this mean?

Normally when a tooth is extracted , bone loss is seen on that region.This is an unwanted physiological situation.  Otherwise if an implant placed in the extraction socket , bone loss is inhibited. Therefore because of the prevention of bone loss also the gum stays healthy and treatment gets excellent results. Nothing else prevents the bone loss around the extraction zone.

One of the most important advantages of the implants is the adjacent teeth are not prepared. Normally when a bridge is done the teeth near the extraction zone should be prepared. Implants are only placed in the extraction zone and your adjacent teeth are saved.  Implants give you  teeth that looks really natural. They make feel like your natural teeth when chewing. Also you get your self-confidence when you smile. Nowadays implants are mostly preferred because of this advantages.

Before the implant is applied

Aesthetic appearance after treatment


What are the steps of an Implant Treatment ?

Implant treatment has two main steps. The first step is the surgery phase. When the healing is completed the  external parts of the implants are prepared. After placing the implants in the bone by a procedure approximately 2 - 6 months should be expected. This expecting period  is called osseointegration and in this period the bone and the implant are integrated. At the end of this period , the second step takes about 1 week.

Preoperative view of the tooth loss


After the implantation


Joining the implant and abutment after healing


Placing of crown on the abutment


Satisfactory results are obtained


Maintenance of the Implants

First of all oral hygiene has the most  importance as natural teeth .Otherwise you may lose your implant like your natural teeth. If you don?t carefully brush and clean your implants, your teeth and gum , bleeding , swelling and erythema can occur because of the bacterial attack.Bone loss follows this and at the end you may loose the implant.Also your own teeth has some decay and gingival problems.Another important issue is smoking. Especially after the operation. You shouldn't smoke because it effects the healing process in a negative condition.


Implant supported fixed dentures

Implant supported removable dentures