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Root Canal Treatment 2087 | 26.01.2016

Root Canal Treatment; is applied in cases when pulp was not able to repair itself because of the damage. Pulp is a soft layer; located in the innermost part of the tooth, comprising the neurovascular bundle. Usually the bacteria in deep  caries or broken teeth cause inflammation of the pulp. When the inflamed or damaged pulp is not removed ; it causes infections in the teeth and surrounding tissue and tooth loss.


How Root Canal Treatment is done?

The first stage begins with anesthesia to make dental treatment be painless.

Then decay is cleaned and  the inflamed pulp is removed. All nerve and tissue debris from the root canal is cleaned.

Root canal is expanded until the tip of the root and the canals are irrigated affordable solutions.

If the  treatment will take more than one session ;  placing appropriate medications to canal will accelerate healing and between the sessions temporary filling is placed on teeth.

After the healing period, the channels are filled until  root tip with a special filling material.



How long does Root Treatment take ?

It depends on the situation of teeth. In some cases ; a single session would be enough for a healthy filling. Generally treatment ends when the healing period is finished.